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This is the page of some of my original works.  Granted, none of my published stories are here, but as I explained on the home page, Publish America won't publish anything that is published anywhere else. 

Some are mine, some are the stories of friends.  If you have an original story or poem or whatever for me to publish in your name, I'd be happy to.  Just send it my way.


All writings on this site under the Original Works section are copyrighted and owned by the authors of said writings and may NOT be sold, copied, stolen, plagiarized, duplicated, reprinted, distributed, or posted online or even on a bulletin board or a signpost or any other physical location without the author's permission.  Any violation will be dealt with in accordance to the laws of the United States of America including fines AND possible jailtime. 

However, if you wish to contact an author to try and get their permission, then contact me at and I will let the author know and they will get back with you on their own.  If you don't hear back from them, T.S.